• Jade Adamson

Barrowland Ballet Autumn/Winter Tour Dates 2019

Role: Performer

September 3rd - 8th

Playful Tiger @ Assetej Showcase, Norway

September 19th - 21st

Poggle @ Take Part Festival, Poland

October 14th - 17th

Playful Tiger @ Baboro Festival, Galway, Ireland

October 22nd - 26th

Playful Tiger @ Take Off Festival, Durham, England

October 29th - November 10th

Whiteout @ Shanghai Children’s Arts Centre, Shanghai, China

November 13th- 17th

Poggle @ Shanghai Childrens Arts Centre, Shanghai, China

November 18th - December 9th

Tiger @ Touring with N-Theatre, China

December 12th - 24th

Poggle @ Scotland Venue TBC

Check for tickets.




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